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London has an illustrious history of indigenous food production.  Currently the capital is seeing a wave of new food and drink producers.
This is part of a global trend of ‘craft making’ led by production and logistical innovations.
The net result is that within the 33 boroughs of London we have an incredible renaissance of new; bakers, blenders, brewers, curers, distillers, preservers and roasters etc.
After the celebrations of 2012, globally, London the brand, is in the most robust of health, with a theme of traditions being re-invented.

It all began on the 11th November. A date to remember.

We took the train to Bromley by Bow and set off on a walk along the canal. Following the Capitol ring, we crossed over at Lock Cottage onto Fish Island.

In search of a bar, we discovered Forman and Field. A smokery, restaurant and gallery that during the Olympics was at the very heart of corporate hospitality.

We looked wistfully across at the stadium and Olympic Park (a view obscured during the games by the worlds biggest McD’s, with the worlds biggest queue). Philip pointed out that the whole place had a New Years Day feeling about it. The party is over.

We both worked at the Olympics. Myself, as a “Ribena berry” Games Maker and Philip as a performer in the ceremonies, making the transition from Industrial Revolutionary, to flag waving Russian Team escort.

We lived and breathed the Games all summer. Philip, still struggling to let go, hence our walk on the 11th.

It has left us both with an undiminishing pride in London.

Reading the history of Forman and sons, A smokery that had been on the site in Hackney Wick since long before the 2012 games were even dreamt of, we realized that we were also incredibly proud of what London produces too.


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