The International Food and Drink event

Mindi's posterWe had a good wander around the ife food and drink show at Excel this week. A ton of new products being launched and some great new trends emerging. Location being a key issues for most brands on show. Many geographical areas from Wales to Fukushima (yes really) had spent time to gather together their various food and drink producers to market them jointly. UKT&I were also there helping British brands gain export orders. Globally London is a ‘hot’ brand right now, we need to be making the most of it. Events like ife have buyers coming from all over the world. What we want to see in the future is a area focused on producers from the 33 boroughs of Greater London. We say it a lot, but London has the most amazing diversity of food and drink producers all with stories and features appealing to a global audience.

Of the many new things we saw, we liked what new brand Mindi’s were up to. Great flavoursome product, eye catching packaging and an energised sales team. Based in Kensal Road, W10. They produce meal pots and cook in sauces. Find more information at



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