Sambrook’s Brewery

Had a fabulous Valentine’s evening in a brewery last night, and they say that romance is dead. Sambrook’s Brewery, which happens to be just down the road, a handy 15 minute walk from our home.

Under the guidance of Duncan Sambrook (Ex city accountant turned brewer) we sampled some of their own brews, “Pumphouse Pale Ale”, “Powerhouse Porter”, “Wandle” and “Junction”
After a talk by Will Hawkes about the London Craft Beer scene, we also tried Camden brewery “Hells lager”, Beavertown “8 ball” and Hoxton “Stout”.

The evening was fun, and informative without being (to an amateur lager drinker like me,) at all daunting.

Philip made himself a member of the Brewery, which gives him several perks, including exclusive use of the Sambrook’s brewery bar on the first Friday of each month!

There is a brewery shop selling all the beers, open every day except Sunday, and tours of the brewery. Monthly tours and private group tours.

Their list of stockists is endless, it’s harder to find a pub around here that doesn’t sell Sambrook’s, than one that does.



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