Doves v Moens

Living in SW11 exactly half way between 2 fantastic butchers, I am interested to know where peoples loyalties lie. (opinions even between my closest friends are divided) Doves, Northcote Road, established in 1889, now run by the 3rd generation of Doves has changed little over the years. Very small corner plot shop, now with a small deli counter, it never fails to provide everything you need. From a cut of meat you’ve never heard of, to advice on how to cook something over and above that of Jamie, Gordon, or even Delia.

Moens on the other hand has at least quadrupled in size over the years I have been shopping there. It boasts a huge shop front, complete with designer sheepskins and other stylish props hanging in the window. It looks delightful, even when closed. 50% meat, 50% deli, I challenge anyone not to find what they are looking for in there.

To me, the difference in the two is the amount of ready prepared meat on offer at Moens. Meat already threaded neatly onto kebab skewers, minced and formed into burgers, stuffed and coated ready for a bbq.

I love them both, and use each accordingly. One thing’s for sure, in the next couple of weeks, each will have queues outside the door.
Let us know which is your favourite?



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